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Contact Lenses in Ithaca, NY

At the office of Peter Schwartz MD, our doctors can help you get fitted for contact lenses and find the best kind for your needs and comfort. Since 2006, our office in Ithaca, NY has prescribed and fitted contact lenses for patients throughout Tompkins County and surrounding communities in the Southern Tier of NY, including Binghamton and Elmira. Whether you’re looking into getting contacts for the first time or you currently use them, we can help you with anything you need so you can be sure you have the right lenses for your eyesight.

Thinking of getting contact lenses?

Our staff can help you determine whether contacts are right for you. We’ll start you out with a trial pair and help you get fitted so your lenses can rest comfortably over your eyes. We understand that the process of inserting and removing contacts can make people nervous, so our trained technicians can help you learn the proper technique for safely putting them on everyday and removing them at the end of the day so you can avoid damaging your eyes or losing your contacts. After the trial period, if you’re comfortable with using your lenses, we will happily set you up with a prescription.

Contact Lenses

We offer many different kinds of contact lenses, including:

  • Soft contact lenses

  • Daily disposable

  • Extended wear

  • Astigmatism/toric

  • Rigid gas permeable

  • Bifocal/Multifocal: soft lenses

  • Bifocal: rigid gas permeable

  • Colored/tinted

Already have contacts?

When you come in for your scheduled eye exam, we can evaluate if your prescription and fit is still accurate. If your vision is still fuzzy or blurry even with the contact lenses in, we can update your prescription and help you select new lenses. If you’re experiencing any discomfort while you wear them, we can refit you so your lenses don’t cause you any issues.

If you’re thinking of getting new contact lenses or you’d like to schedule an appointment to evaluate your current lenses, call us at (607) 266-7600. Trust us for your vision care and vision evaluations!